Friday, December 31, 2010


Well, I ended this year with a participant as willing as he was way back when I started this...

A whole year ago -

The project didn't come out exactly as I was hoping for -

A 365 Project - a Project in pictures...of ME and my kids in pictures.
Every day, a photo of me and a kid, or the kids...

Moms NEVER get in the pictures...
Regardless of how you feel about yourself in pictures - (I can't stand myself in pictures) - I think it is so important to get out from behind the camera and get in the pictures once in awhile.

While I was hoping for a shot a day - regardless of how brilliant or frumpy the picture might be, it just wasn't meant to be. I was off to a GREAT start - but soon realized that because I was snapping all of the pictures myself, they were all looking the same.
A shot of me and one kid, the camera held out at arms length, sometimes a willing kid, sometimes not...
And old.
I didn't want to abandon the project all together though - and I managed to pull of 164 posts - not too shabby.
Not 365...but more than we had the year before to be fact, probably more than we had ALL the years before combined...
Do I love the pictures? Certainly not...but I love the idea of them...
And I love that maybe one day - my kids will look back on these photos and know that I existed...that I tried...

So...with that, I'm going to continue this project into 2011 -
Asking random strangers (or one of the kids) to snap a picture of me and the (other) kid -

Again, they won't be glamorous - but they will be...and to me...
that is the only thing that matters...


  1. Like you least you are getting in the pictures & that's all that matters!

  2. Hahahaha he's the same way with my son.

    Here's Mommy and Me at my page.

  3. wow! plenty of toys!! :D Wow everyday pictures..I'd love to do that! :D

    Happy New year!

  4. Hey, you are still in them! Maybe let one of the kiddos take them, or do silly shots? I like the stranger idea, too.


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